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Shopping on the Internet has long ceased to be something of the category of futurism. According to recent data, the Ukrainian e-commerce market over the last year has grown by 65%, which indicates the prospects of this business line. If you want to start selling online users, we will help you to do everything right from the very start, ensuring not only the creation of an online store, but also consulting at each of the stages of bringing a business to the network.

An online store is a special form of an interactive website that is designed to advertise a product, accept a purchase order, deliver and pay.

The principles of the online store

The visitor to the online store looks at the list of goods or services offered to him, chooses a suitable position and adds the selected item to his shopping basket. Further, in the same way, a visitor can choose several more proposed positions – as many as necessary. When all the necessary goods are selected, you can proceed to placing a purchase order. It requires a minimum of personal information about the buyer, which contributes to improving the security of purchases.

In addition to information on the selected product, the purchase requisition also contains information on payment methods. Various payment options are possible to pay for purchases: using a bank card or bank transfer, postal transfer, payment with electronic money and, finally, payment in cash upon receipt of the goods. However, in order to avoid possible fraudulent frauds, online stores do not use, for example, Western Union transfers, since such a payment cannot be canceled or protested. We do not recommend using SMS payment to a short number with a fixed amount of payment, because in this case it is also impossible to protest or cancel the payment.

Delivery of the order is carried out either by the store’s own courier service, or with the help of other companies that provide courier services. It is also possible to deliver the order to the buyer by mail by parcel or parcel. If the ordered goods are electronic (photograph, software, license keys to it, text, e-book, etc.), then its delivery is carried out through electronic channels, for example, by e-mail or through access to a protected area of ​​the site.

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Method of creating an online store

An online store is, above all, a site and its development follows the same pattern as the creation of other types of sites, but the online store must be dynamic. This is due to the fact that in order to keep the online store up to date it is necessary to regularly update its content, add or delete items of goods, update prices. And besides, it is necessary to implement the principle of online ordering goods. Realization of all this is much more efficient with the help of a special content management system.

An online store usually contains sections: placing an order, searching for goods (services), a basket, contact details and feedback from the store administration, choosing a payment system, rating the most popular goods and services.

The advantages of online store:

online store always works! There are no weekends or lunch breaks in the online store; you can even visit it at night.

Anyone who has access to the Internet, regardless of their location, can go online.

  • no commercial space required
  • no special trading equipment required
  • it is not required to employ staff: sales assistants, attendants, accountants, security guards, etc.
  • even the availability of goods is not obligatory – the main thing is to ensure good interaction with suppliers

You can manage an online store in any place where there is access to the Internet

Obviously, the presence of an online store provides many advantages, reduces the time to make purchases, reduces the company’s costs for the sale of goods.

In order for the online store to be really useful and bring profit to its owner, you should not forget about its decent design, high-quality and honest customer service, timely delivery of orders.

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