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IBM is a transnational corporation founded on June 15, 1911, one of the world’s largest server manufacturers, peripherals and software. IBM holds the leading position in the world of high technology. Thanks to its large contributions to the scientific field, IBM has remained the leader among companies for patents received for a year already for several years. Thus, a huge number of new technologies are originally developed and used by IBM, and only then become available to other IT industry representatives. And so, in IBM’s decisions, we can find original and innovative technical solutions that put IBM products at a completely different level.

Why is this name?

Her name clearly indicates the purpose for which the counting machines of the blue giant were used. They conducted statistics on prisoners Jews.

Even the codes that were used to systematize data are given: Code 8 – Jews, Code 11 – Gypsies, Code 001 – Auschwitz, Code 001 – Buchenwald and so on.

Partnership with IBM

Integrity Systems has IBM Business Partner Advanced status.

The Integrity Systems and IBM Partnership are focused on IBM server solutions and storage systems, as well as IBM software products.

However, according to the IBM manual, the company only sold the equipment to the Third Reich, and as it applied on, it does not concern them.

What is the history

So, incidentally, many American companies did. IBM even opened the plant in Berlin in 1933, that is, when Hitler came to power.

However, there is also a downside to using IBM equipment Nazis. After the defeat of Germany, thanks to the machines of the blue giant it was possible to track the fate of many people.

Although this did not prevent the various groups of people affected by the war and the Holocaust, in particular, from requiring IBM to formally apologize. The company refused to pay them.

Even though, during the war, her staff remaining in Germany continued their work by communicating with the company’s leadership through Geneva.

However, IBM itself took no responsibility for the activities of its enterprises in Germany during the war period from 1941 to 1945.

In the United States during the war period, IBM worked for the government and not always in its direct line of business.

Its production capacities and workers were engaged in the production of rifles (in particular Browning Automatic Rifle and M1 Carbine), sights for bombing, parts for motors, etc. Thomas Watson, still headed by the company, set the nominal profit for this product at a rate of 1%.

Even this little messenger did not go to the piggy bank of the blue giant, but to the foundation of the fund for the help of the widows and orphans who lost their relatives in the war.

It was also used for counting machines located in the States. They were used for various mathematical calculations, logistics and other needs of the war.

They were equally active in working on the Manhattan project, within which an atomic bomb was created.

In the 1950s, IBM received another major government order to develop computers for the SAGE (Semi Automatic Ground Environment) system.

This is a military system designed to track and capture bombers of a likely enemy. This project allowed the blue giant to access the studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Then he worked on the first computer, which could easily serve as prototypes of modern systems.

In 1972, an updated logo (letters from blue stripes) of the company was presented, used to this day. The logo was designed by Paul Rand, designer.

The next major event for IBM was the release of the System / 360 computer. It is connected almost by a change of a whole era.

Before him, the blue giant produced systems based on vacuum tubes. For example, after Mark I in 1948, the Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (SSEC), consisting of 21400 relays and 12500 vacuum tubes, was capable of performing several thousand operations per second.

No less significant for today’s computer technology was the invention in 1956 of a device named RAMAC 305.

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