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What is contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is short announcements on search engine pages. Showing such ads takes place depending on the interests of the user. User interests are determined by the queries that it enters into the relevant search engines.

Contextual advertising is created and hosted by special services such as Google AdWords (from Google), Yandex.Direct (from Yandex) and Begun (from Rambler).

Contextual advertising has the following goals:

  1. increase traffic;
  2. informing about carrying out an advertising campaign;
  3. increase in sales;
  4. promotion in the market of goods and services;
  5. increase of brand recognition (brand).

Contextual ads may have different positions on the page:

Special placement is at the top of the page. Such ads are shown first above search results. This position is considered the most advantageous, since it attracts attention in the first place.

Guaranteed impressions are ads located on the right side of the page. This is a less advantageous position, but the cost of placing ads in this area is usually much lower than in the first version.

The Dynamic Impressions area is an ad below the Guaranteed Impressions ads. Ads in this area are displayed alternately, alternating between each other. The effectiveness of ad placement in this area is quite worthy, given that the budget of the advertising campaign is limited. Web agency in Miami will give it for you!

The benefits of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising helps to get really interested visitors with text ads placed on the most popular search engines such as: Google, Yandex, Mail.ru, Rambler. By choosing specific settings, you can place your ad on partner sites of these search engines as well as on social networks. For placement will be selected sites that are most relevant to the content and content of your ad. This way, you can increase traffic to target site visitors and significantly increase sales (by 15-40%). The peculiarity of contextual advertising is that the payment is charged only for those visitors who follow this link to your site.

The cost of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a paid service, and its cost depends on the keywords you want buyers to find, as well as on the competition of this request on the market. The advantage of contextual advertising is that you pay only for real clicks, and not for viewing, by getting specific targeted target visitors. The price will be suitable for everybody. Web agency Q-Start think about everybody!

What will we do?

If you decide to order contextual advertising services, specialists of the Q-Start web studio will select recommendations and make revisions to existing advertising campaigns, or create them from scratch.

We will analyze the relevancy of queries and find optimal keywords, add a negative keyword list, and set up effective impressions. Due to this, you can easily track their effectiveness.

We will optimally estimate the market to achieve a better result when working with contextual advertising. We will also assess the feasibility of showing a particular ad in a given region, taking into account the target audience of the client. In addition, we will determine the optimal time for ads to appear on their budget.

Search engine contexts are short text ads that appear at the top of the page, on the right, and at the end of the main Google search results block, Yandex, Bing, and Runner.

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