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What is the biography of the organization?

In 1986, IBM lost the antecedent place in sales of the very same generated intimate PC market.

In 1990, an attempt was made to seize the initiative on the intimate computer retail by releasing PS / 2 series computers with OS / 2, incompatible either plumbing or operating system with PC and DOS.

The machines used advanced technologies, for example, the Micro-Channel bus (far superior to the ISA bus used in the PC at that time, and the PCI bus appeared only in 1991).

The PS / 2 series did not gain widespread acceptance in the market and soon its release was curtailed. However, connectors for keyboards and mice on the basis of a Mini-DIN plug, called PS / 2 ports, were widely used in PCs until the mid-2000s.

Another attempt to regain control of the software market for personal computers was the release of OS / 2 Warp V3.0, which ran on standard PCs, and had to compete with the Microsoft project – Windows 95.

Despite the massive advertising campaign and very good performance, the project failed.

In the 1990s, IBM’s business was becoming ever clearer in its desire to shift the focus of business towards the delivery of services, primarily consulting.

This was most clearly manifested in 2002, when the “blue giant” acquired the consulting division of the auditing company Pricewaterhouse Coopers for $ 3.5 billion.

Currently, this business, which joined the division of IBM Global Services, is the most profitable in the structure of IBM, generating more than half of the company’s revenue.

Interesting facts

Canon is the first organization in the world that has reduced the price of a digital SLR amateur camera (Canon EOS 300D, which went on sale in August 2003) to less than $ 1,000.

In 2014, the production of digital cameras reaches 250 million units, and EF-lenses – 100 million. At the end of 2014, the Canon brand ranked 67th in the ranking of the most expensive brands on the earth, compiled by Forbes magazine (8.1 billion US dollars).

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